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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  March 8, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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sk i like it a lot. that's one you should look at. also old dominion 100-year-old trucker taking market share. and my high risk play is a companyht giving people the ability to see again. >> all right. cost of freedom continues right now. if you if iran changes its behavior the restrictions would be lifted if iran doesn't change its behavior the restrictions should not be lifted. if iran wants to be treated like a normal country let it act like a normal country. >> bibi's straight talk thing rch bringing them to his feet if congress if he's right and history shows we can't trust iran should we drop the negotiations and just rev up those sfnl sanctions. i'm david has ner and welcome to "forbes on fox" let's get in focus with mike ozanian, elizabeth mcdonald and cows inn golds bee former white house chief economist and chairman of
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the council of economic advisors advisors. steve, is it time to rev up td sanctions? >> it's time to rev up the sanctions and put them on steroids and stop these negotiations david, which are a dangerous joke. iran has 20-year history of violating agreements, it's already violated the interim agreement on which it entered these negotiations going for illegal parts and the like. they can't be trusted and any deal won't be worth the paper it's written on. bibi is right we've got to do real things. >> boston in addition to what's happening on the nuclear front they're also becoming an evil empire, you look at how they're controlling more and more territory. a lot of people, even a lot of after rabs and fellow us approximate limbs are concerned about what they're doing. >> i'm sure they are and we shouldn't have gotten in a big war to take out tear biggest enemy and give them all the power that they currently have. i mean, the approach that bibi is talking about nobody thinks that they're a great country,
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but if you just try to taking sieve sanctions and hope that that will work it didn't work this north korea, that was the bush administration approach and north korea got a nuclear weapon despite that and it didn't work for 50 years of embargo on cuba. i think we need to be realistic. we don't want to get in a third war. >> we should mention, ee pack that the same person that negotiated that north korean deal which clearly didn't work is the person who is negotiating right now the chief negotiator wendy sherman is now negotiating with iran. but the question of whether sanctions will work, oil has come down tremendously half of what it was a year-and-a-half ago. now more than ever i would think that sanctions would work because they rely so much on oil. >> i agree. welcome aboard austin, it's good to be with you. listen, they have worked because the post 9/11 george w. bush put in the crack town on terrorist financing and iran is on that list. it ushered in a moderate you
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know, rahani. hundreds of dozens of international companies fled iran, the economy is is in trouble millions of iranians don't like the regime and what they're doing, there's food sort ajs and inflation and we've got iran not being able to deal with numerous countries because it's a terrorist continuesed listed blacklisted country. >> bruce you don't have to go to war, just ramp up the sanctions. >> well, i mean, one of high problems with the speech was is that he didn't outline what he wanted to do. i think we should continue negotiations and what would be so wrong with submitting to regular rigorous inspections because you cannot take away their bomb making capability that they already have. >> no but, again, there's a question of trust. by the way before we entirely -- you don't want to rule out anything, mike, one thing the american people don't rule out 65% of them don't rule out military action.
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65% according to a new poll say they favor taking some kind of military action, might not be boots on the ground we're talking about, but whether it's israel or air strikes or whatever. >> what's going on here is netanyahu is saying, look, i want america to have pie back because it's too late for sanctions, david, that time has passed. israel is going to take out iran's nuclear capabilities and they want to make sure we have their back. that's what this is about. what we have to to now is focus on building up our military. >> rich, bibi netanyahu when he spoke before congress and by the way we haven't heard a speech like that or response to congress to a foreigner speaking in front of congress to winston churchill in 1952 told us about the iron curtain. that was an extraordinary speech. i think even though there were some protests from the left wing of the democratic party most members of congress agreed with him, right? >> yeah, they did, and staunch democratic supporters of israel like robert menendez or chuck
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schumer. >> another democrat. >> they're being put in a pickle right though. look bibi netanyahu pointed out something really useful that is lost in all this discussion about isis and that is that iran is the major ex porter of terror in the world and they are about to acquire nuclear weaponry and this is th has got to be stopped. i would like like to be optimistic but i'm agreeing with oz that it may be too late for sanctions because bibi was saying we're going to take care of this problem whether you have our back or not. >> steve there are ways to go after evil empires without going to war. i mean, the way ronald reagan, for example, supported, he had sanctions but he also supported all of the freedom loving people that were against the soviet union he supported solidarity in poland the con tras in nicaragua. in 2009 by the way, there was a protest by the iranian people against the government after an election and and that stood in sharp contrast we did tract
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clee nothing to help those folks. >> that's right the president betrayed that green revolution. in terms of sanctions if you make them tough enough they do bite. in the case of north korea we removed effective sanctions in 2008 on going after banks that the country was using to finance its activities and that's why the appeasement failed again. we took the bad sanctions off. put the tough sanctions on and if they don't work within a few month we're going to have to look at other courses of action. iran cannot get the bomb, period. >> i know you weren't working for the state department back then but in 2009 we did have a great opportunity to support the freedom loving people in iran. we didn't do enough, did we, and shouldn't we do more of that is it. >> look, when netanyahu came before the second iraq war and said that the middle east would be a far better place if if we would simply start a war and take saddam hussein out i think there wasn't if you have attention paid to what are the
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consequences of military actions or extreme action. when you come to 2009 the reason that nobody wants to get into an aggressive posture toward iran is we're coming out of two virtually endless wars that cost us trillions of dollars. >> austin we just showed that poll, 65% of americans think some kind of military action against iran would be worth it. >> you put words in their mouth. they are not -- going ask the question do you think we should have another war like the iraq war against iron? we're not talking about that. emac, we are not talking about another war, we're talking about ramping up sanctions supporting in a very strong way the people that are against this new evil i'm fire. >> and the people inside iran don't like what the regime is doing. you're right, david, i hear what you're saying. the man running the country is a moderate. he was put in place after they
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shoved out ak ma dean jad who was considered crazy by people inside iran. what's going on with sanctions is that iran has been basically getting china and russia to help it out. they've been helping iran cheat. watch this, oil ex ports in iran have dropped, cut by more than half since the sanctions took place. >> and they're hurting. bruce, the fact it s. these aren't sort of neutral operators wraered to iranians, the iranian government while we were negotiating with the guys they were bombing a mock up of a u.s. aircraft carrier. what's that about? these guys have all but declared war against the united states. >> i don't know about that. i mean, when you have china and russia and the u.s. -- >> hold on a second. bruce, how would you describe what they just did to the u.s. aircraft carrier mock up? what's that about? >> i agree that that's not what we want here but if you stop negotiating -- we don't want to bang the drums of war either. i mean, the country is tired of that. i mean 65% of americans asked
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the question whether they want mortar tar sauce on their filet owe fish would say the same thing. people don't want war. >> nobody wants war obviously but we don't want to be attacked, either. >> the bottom line is iran cannot get the bomb and what's the best way to try to prevent that? sanctions we hope if not we're going to have to consider other measures. the negotiations won't work, iran has never add eared to an agreement in the past? in my lifetime we have defeated an evil empire without going to war with them so it can be done. a government employee caught with 7,000 pornographic images on his work computer and still has his government paycheck. all because of government red2:30
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p.m. eastern with julie banderas now back to "forbes on fox." >> threatening your coworkers and superiors, watching porn at work for hours on end. now, both of those would be
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enough to get you fired immediately in the private sector but a new report finding that is not the case for some government workers. and in the case of the porn watcher it's been nearly five years and he's still getting a paycheck. should it be that tough to fire lease people? >> no, it should be the exact opposite. we want to fire them with great regularity so that fewer people choose government work in the first place. if we in fact do that very few people will notice that the government is greatly shrunk but what they will notice is a much larger economy if government is consuming fewer of the resources that we've created in the first place. >> austin i know a lot of liberals who turned into conservative like milton freed man because of their stint in government. did the same sort of happen to you? >> well, look, if people who engaged in misconduct we should not be trying to protect their jobs but it is worth remembering that the reason we have a civil service in this
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country is that it developed out of the patronage wars that if you won an election you would go town and say, okay, everybody in the government is now fired. the financial regularity whoever it is, and i'm putting in my own people and that was even worse. i mean come on out to chicago we could tell you how the machine works. >> emac, that's the reason why we have this. according to austin it's better than the patronage system. >> patronage is a kind of porn. anyway, watch this david in the henhouse echo chamber that is congress, only congress would come up with legislation that reads eliminating porn from agencies act. what is going on here? do we need legislation to fire these people? >> that's a great point. >> and the other point too, is internet porn has a lot of malware and viruses in them. if we're watching hem at work it could introduce viruses into the federal system. >> why can't we fire these guys?
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>> i don't know. i think this is a bad example of, you knew -- unless you're working for the fcc -- >> it's not a bad example -- >> exactly. no, that's exactly right. but the thing of it is you've got to be careful with taking away protections from workers if they want to blow whistles on you know, behavior like this or taking away a grievance process which we don't want to do. this seems to be an isolated incident, let's hope, and if there's a loophole let's close it. >> mike, when you think of silly stuff that's gone on remember the irs employees had the -- that "star trek" video that they did and then there was the gsa had a clown you know this stuff that was sanctioned, not only sanctioned by the folks above but sort of ordered by the managers to do this stuff. >> people got rowdy at the christmas party they should be fired. >> the managers don't spend for
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this ridiculous stuff in the private sector. >> making them ease year to fire them is not going to help. the only thing that's going to help is shrinking the budgets and shrinking their power that's the best way to handle this. >> by the way, steve tom co burn used to be in congress he sort of added up all the silly stuff and how much it cost the taxpayers taxpayers. $25 billion a year that's how much he says all this stuff costs us. >> get a few $25 billion it starts that up to real money and it's not a noise between no firings and wholesale firings that you had in the 1800s, but ultimately the answer is as mike says and john says a smaller government, there are a lot of departments you can easily do away with and no one would notice the difference and any business can tell you you can find efficient sees but there's no incentive to do it am in until federal government. >> don't we have too many government workers?
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all he have some folks with too much time on tear hands and you know what happens then. >> well, look, first thing i think is go to large companies around the united states there are people wasting time. go there at lunch break, what have you. as i say -- >> but if they're watching -- i guarantee if they're watching porp austin, for five years they would be fired. if they're watching porn for five weeks they'd be fired into anybody who is guilty of piz conduct if they have a system that's protecting their jobs that's a messed up system. >> john tamny quickly. >> -- hold on, i'm sorry -- we've got to do the go around here austin. john, go ahead. >> when private businesses are wasting resources they lose profits and they go out of business. when government wastes resources we give them more to consume after all that. there's a big, big difference the right sector is about efficiency, government is by deaf figures about waste.
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>> austin, i'm sorry, but with six people we don't have much time. we'll get a go around the neck round. the "cashin' in" gang getting ready to roll at the bottom of the hour, eric, what have you got? >> word is hillary is close to announcing a presidential run, would she be another redistributer of wealth if elected? wait until you hear what she just said. >> plus twitter tirade a vile and vulgar attack on kurt schilling's teen daughter why the all-star pitcher says don't blame social media companies. see you at 11:30. >> thanks eric. we will be watching. up here first, they're behind bars for committing crimes now a class alisyn camerota lawsuit may force taxpayers to pay them minimum wage while they're in jaiaiaiaiaiai@? spending time with
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prisoners demanding more pay, a class action suit arguing that inmates should be paid minimum wage for duties performed in jail. now, the suit is also seeking $4 million in what the inmates called unpaid wages. austin is this right? >> this sounds like a republican plot to undermine support for the minimum wage. what are they going to get paid vacation days, too? i mean, this doesn't make any sense to me. >> bruce, this is crazy, isn't it it? >> well, it does on its face sound that way, but, you know, i think if you did pay, you know, criminals behind bars a fair wage, whatever maybe you could tie it to some sort of restitution, maybe they have loved ones or they are deadbeats who don't pay child support, i don't think you should
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necessarily rule it out. >> steve, in some cases these are the worst of the worst, sexual predators in wisconsin and in the state of washington are demanding minimum wage. >> this is an absolute joke when you get convicted of a crime you forfeit many of your rights. the 13th amendment of the constitution says neither slavery nor involuntary serve tud accept as a punishment of a crime where the parties should have been duly convicted shall exist. in other words, the constitution says if you commit a crime you're not going to get, among other things, you're not going to get a minimum wage you've given those things up. >> steve, don't confuse the issue the with the facts. john, what do you think? >> i don't think there's too much of a story here. if you look throughout history governments always set rules that we have to abide by and then rules that they break all the time. so this is just the latest example of it. >> rich, i think there's a story because they're actually doing trk they're actually suing all over america from boston to the state of washington. they are the ones, by the way,
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let us remember who owe a debt to society. we don't owe them, they owe us. >> yeah i never thought i would agree with austin on our very first show together here but, look, the argument the lawyers should have made is that if you're detained but not indicted or convicted the question is does the government owe you compensation for lost wages. stoo austin, what do you think is going to happen? is this just going to be laughed out of the courts? >> it's got to be thrown out. i mean, think about it just on the straight economics, this person who is this jail, they won't be able to get a minute hum wage job if they applied for the job so why would you be paying them for a minimum wage job in this prison? i think it will just be thrown out. i don't see how it could -- >> quickly, steve. >> why let crime pay? >> exactly. crime should not pay. it's very simple. common sense is very simple. thanks to austin for joining us today, thanks. >> thanks for having me. >> you want your name on the
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next forbes billionaire list? stick around for our informers names to put you there.
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me where'd you ever learn ♪ ♪ to fight without saying a word? ♪ ♪ then waltz back into my life ♪ ♪ like it's all gonna be all right ♪ ♪ don't you know how much it hurts? ♪ ♪ when we don't talk ♪ ♪ when we don't touch ♪ ♪ when it doesn't feel like we're even in love ♪ ♪ it matters to me ♪ ♪ when i don't know what to say ♪ ♪ don't know what to do ♪
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♪ don't know if it really even matters to you ♪ ♪ how can i make you see ♪ ♪ it matters to me? ♪ the new forbes billions list is out some shocking new names. but first get our informers names to put you on that list. elizabeth mcdonald google, larry page. >> who now wants to get into the phone service. wants to be your tone and also it's taking on apple pay. i like google. >> mike. >> stock had a run up david, buy it on the dip. >> dish network, you like. >> i love their move into over the top streaming of content. i think that's the wave of the future. >> emac. >> i like it to you it has a lot of debt. >> watch out for the debt. that's if for "forbes on fox" don't miss me on forbes business
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network 4:00 p.m. eastern apple will be unveiling its final secrets about the apple watch. will it transform us like the ipad did? keep it right here the number one business block continues with eric bolling and "cashin' in." have a great weekend. while everyone is focusing on the e-mails hillary sent from her private account when she was secretary of state should when focusing on this, we could be days away from her a pouncing ago 2016 white house run and if you're wondering what kind of president hillary would be, wonder no more. >> we're fighting for an economy that work for everyone and includes everyone. >> doesn't sound like a commander in chief, sounds more like a redistributor in chief. i'm eric bolling welcome to "cashin' in." our crew wayne rogers, jonathan owe hoe anything and others. surprise, the cat is out of the bag, lisa, crack this code open
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for us, what does had hillary mean by an economy that box foreign everyone. >> she's going to be barack obama 2.0. she's going to be another redistributor in chief. look at hillary care it, paved the way for obamacare. in the end everybody loses from that rob from peter to pay paul mentality and if you look at the obama administration middle class families are the ones suffering the most. they're making less than they did before president obama took office. while jobs have been added to the top and bottom of the wage scale middle class families have seen these progress din initial. >> wages have been stag dant, they're actually stagnant for six years now and the household incomes and median wealth has dipped a little bit over president obama's six years. do we need eight more years after president obama of this redistribution of these liberal tactics? >> i don't think so eric.
4:32 am
she's opposed to the free market system, she's a central planning system, fundamentally a socialist. this is a woman who lives in a $2 million house and has the hoots ba to lecture us about how the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. >> what about that hillary clinton when she left the white house she said -- i'm sorry, when she did her book tour she said when we left the white house we were dead broke, they made $100 million that year. >> they are not the bushes and not even president obama who went to private school, the clintons came from lower working class families, they worked their way up they understand the system and understand that having fair wages and improving conditions for the middle class improves all of america. >> you are not suggesting they came from the wrong side of the tracks. >> they did come from the wrong side of the tracks. >> all righty. >> arkansas. >> i want to ask if you knocked on your nafb's door and demanded $1000 you'd probably think that
4:33 am
was wrong, right? why is it any different when government does that and that's exactly what all this redistribution is. >> that's not at all what it is. >> let me just finish. fair is free. a pre economy is a fair economy. >> let him finish. >> that's what work. the kpik philosophy of the left is redistribution and redistribution is force, it's an hit cal to success and that's the left's perspective, tree markets are destructive, we need government. >> you don't understand how the economy works. >> let's talk about this, the numbers that came out this week, the labor participation rate at its lowest point in 37 years under president obama and it's gotten worse under president obama. things aren't really at that good for the middle class in america. >> they're not good for the middle class and look the problem is this redistribution of wealth in had this rob from peter to pay paul mentality is
4:34 am
not helping the middle class families and the proof is in the pudding. look at the numbers. higher income individuals the fluid one/fifth of the country of taxpayers have contributed 70% to the federal ref through in 2011 so they're already paying their fair share and it's not helping middle class families because those sort of policies hurt everyone. look, we can't fax the rich enough to pay for these progressive ol sees. >> that's not true. >> people like hillary clinton and barack obama want them to go with. >> we don't have a safety net in place. our education policies -- >> your point as well -- >> what better way to improve fair living conditions -- >> i have a better way. the free market. wayne, go ahead. the free market seems to work pretty darp good when it's allowed to work, the problem with liberalism, obamaism, obama nomics, is it takes you away from the free market and goes to government, will take care of all your needs, the problem is someone has got to pay for it. >> you've heard me say this before on this program eric --
4:35 am
by the way happy birthday, i don't want to take away your birthday present. these people haven't heard peter, they haven't any of the economists who know more than this they had to, they rely on their own ideology to come up with solutions that they think work. they don't work. they've proven not to work. it's only taken this president six years to get to this point and he didn't do it. it was done in spite of him and all you have to do as you said is look at the numbers. look at what the -- look at the numbers in comparison. go back to the great depression in 1933 it look them seven years, that's all to get to that and it this is even worse. >> wayne, i think you're the only one who actually remembers that. that aside, i mean, eric, you talk about the free market -- that's true. it's true. >> free market didn't improve -- >> can i just get a word in edgewise here? what the free market means is free people. so when name me and other people
4:36 am
come out and say it's destructive, they are -- the government's role is redistribute to help those in need as opposed to letting free people be free to live and create on their own merits. >> naomi, one of the problems with this whole obama take from the 1% for the 5% and give to the bottom 50% is that it never comes back. if the economy is getting better, job numbers seem to be improving, even if the economy starts to improve, nothing gets taken back. the people on welfare, the people on food stamps, the amount of money we're spending on all these programs continue to grow even though things are getting better and that's a problem. >> income disparate is a major problem and you're right in some ways but we also have a consumer economy. when people are paid fair wages, that goes back into our economy. when we invest in human capital, when we invest in education -- what does fair mean? >> go ahead lisa.
4:37 am
>> if you look at policies like raising the minimum wage it's a farce because the reality is the majority of individuals that are going to see a minimum wage increase are between the ages of 16 to 23 and the majority of those individuals are living in households that make above the national income. so it's a farce. >> two/thirds who see some pay increase or bonus within a year. those are the facts. >> everything that is suggested by the left involves force. what is fair about using force against one group to the so-called benefit of others? go back to that analogy in your neighbor knocked on your door and demanded $1000 you'd say he's crazy why is it okay when government does it. >> i know you want to respond but hang on for the next block. this is really cool, in just a few weeks wake up america, that hashtag has become one of the go to hashtags for conservative gate but something awesome happened, nick floor, a
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professor at the university of new mexico is using our social media success as part of his classroom teaching material. here he is teaching a group of grad students and ph.d. candidates learning an lit iks. he says "cashin' in" is not just a cable tv show with wake up america you've created something more than just a passive is viewing experience you've created an interactive cross media informal learning environment for current social and political issues. now, that's pretty cool. we're shaping the debate in america from the tv screen to the keyboard and now into college classrooms. come you go.. are states that are wracking in big bucks from legalized pot making america more dangerous, one top cop thinks so. is he right?
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legalizing weed what's supposed to be a win/win states will wash in from taxing it and crime will go down as a result of it but the police commissioner of new york city begs to differ. he says the streets are now more violent and dangerous and legal pot across the u.s. is partly to blame. listen. >> in this city people are killing each other over marijuana more so than anything having to do with what we dealt with in the '80s and '90s with heroin and cocaine. >> is he right? >> i'm not privy so the things
4:43 am
that he sees on a daily basis, but if you look at the facts with a state like colorado that legalized about a year ago and the first 11 months in the city of denver violent crime decreased and according to the colorado department of transportation statewide traffic fatalities are also down. i think it's too early to tell and ultimately it's up to the voters in those states and ultimately it's up to the states to decide. >> your thoughts on this? by the way new york city it's still new york state and city it's still illegal to possess and smoke weed. >> the laws have loosened up a little bit. it's not a question of -- it's really a consequence of economic disparate. low income communities that are struggling and unfortunately people are drawn to the drug industry to make a couple bucks. this is prj, this isn't cocaine or heroin, this is marijuana pretty much harmless in my opinion, harmless drug. it's not a consequence of using the drug it's a consequence of an unregulated you want to talk about free market this is a perfect example we could use the
4:44 am
free market where it's getting off the streets and into storefronts. >> john, i guess you agree that there are low level criminals in jail for buying, selling, possessing weed that you can make some voom for violent criminals. >> that's the only people who should be incarcerated. this wol notion that weed is is legalized, it is double speak to the highest regard just like in new york state it's only legal for medical purposes there's only 20 medical dispensaries for 20 million people that creates the illicit drug trade that we saw during prohibition that increases the crime. it's not even legal for recreational use. so to say it's legal isn't just misleading it's a lie. >> wayne, brant was pointing out even though it's not legal in new york some of the other places are causing the problem, the jump in crime in new york, i'm not sure how he make that leap, wayne. >> you got me. it's a mystery to me i think jonathan is absolutely right. we've only got four states in the trickett of columbia that have decided its legal.
4:45 am
you don't have enough time to know yet. the comparison i think to prohibition is absolutely accurate. everybody, yeah, this is going to be great it's going to stop people from drinking. yeah, and four years later they drove it underground, it became a major crime problem. that's exactly what could happen ear. they do not know yet. no one really knows because they don't have enough information. >> but we have data. >> think about it eric, no one is is warring over basil right now no one is getting shot over thyme, when you take the government out of here it takes the profit margin out of the air. you want to reduce crime on drugs, make them legal and watch crime goes up and people's health go higher. >> you have some numbers in colorado, right? >> i don't have the specific numbers but i know that the crime in denver specifically in the first 11 months of 2014 violent crime has decreased, again, according to the colorado department of transportation they have said that statewide -- or fatalities -- statewide fatalities from traffic incidents are also down.
4:46 am
so, again i think it's still very early to see what the ramifications of legalizing marijuana are going to be but if you look at just the past year in a state like colorado we really haven't seen a lot of the concerns that people have originally stated materialize yet. >> i think he is a he -- >> not only that, you have no idea about what's going to happen if you drive it underground. they don't know yet. >> it remember lr is underground. this is the exact problem that we're having is that it is underground. it is a black market and it's taken to the streets. if you look at other countries there is a lot of data on this this isn't something we don't know the answer to, there has been koundless data over the past 20 years on this. >> we don't have time. there is a number that is important, tax revenues are going up in the states that have legalized. we're going to have to leave it right there. they threw his daughter a nasty curveball now a former all-star pitcher wants to strike out cyberbullies for good. can we stop people from
4:47 am
terrorizing others while hiding behind their keyboard?
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quickly. it was every kind of vulgar, despicable commentary you can
4:51 am
imagine about rape and sex and all that other stuff. >> i just couldn't believe that anybody would ever actually say that to someone. not even someone but to a girl's father about their daughter. >> well, talk about tweets going viral, former baseball all-star kurt schilling look at possible legal action against the cyberbullies attacking his daughter. people would never say vul fwer stuff like this this person how do we stop them from doing it from hiding behind a keyboard. >> i think we have an issue where there's a disassociation from reality and we think if we type it online it's not real life and doesn't affect others. this is the cockroaches of society are coming in and saying whatever they want and not understanding that it's affecting people what they're saying is sexist, it's hateful and disturbing and i'm really happy that twitter is finally stepping up and saying that they're going to start to regulate these that i tellers. it's too little too late. >> john, what about the free speech argument here?
4:52 am
>> we all get offensive tweets actually i'm getting a bunch of them right now. the point is, though in a free society already consequences for your 1350e67. all these individuals who participated in it have either been expelled, fired or publicly shamed. this is haems the online version of that west borrow baptist church, that god hates you know who. it is disgusting, but you put yourself out there and you put yourself out there for not only ridicule but also the consequences. >> lisa, where are you on this one? i can see both sides of this, as disgusting and vul fwer as it is there is that free speech argument. >> and the freedom to speak freely is something that makes americas so great but this crosses the line into threatening body harm and if these individuals are the inn tension of carrying out those threats. fortunately at least with some of these guys i believe there was one college student that was suspended from his university and another ticket seller for the new york times which was reported that he was reportedly fired for his actions.
4:53 am
open flee more people kind of take actions against employers or students for these kinds of comments. >> that's a very good lesson. kurt schilling went after some of these haters he got one of them fired from the new york yankees organization another one who was working at a community college. maybe that's what you do you take your situation in your own hands and go find these people. by the way, companies that we worked for immediately fired hem. >> it's even more fundamental than that, it goes back to what jonathan said, it's the free market taking care of this. this was not necessarily a government regulation. we have laws about liable and if you lie late the laws of liable you're subject to a lawsuit. this was not about that. and so the public -- the free market took care of it because kurt schilling raises this question with other people in the press in this case rarely does the press get excited about the right things, but in this case they did and they published stuff about these people and he got to people who could bring hope some economic reality to this and force these people o to
4:54 am
back down. it's a wonderful thing. >> very quickly you want twitter to do it we're pointing out the free market doing it. >> twitter is a company just as the new york times wouldn't public something that's swen sieve just as all journalist organizations would regulate what would come in and out but the difference is is you can't rest on a kurt schilling. you can't rely on a well-known figure who takes a courage ous role to tight for his daughter. this has to be done systematically. >> i take offense to saying the new york times has they ever written anything offensive. >> just let me get john in here real quick. >> i agree with namiki that any platform whether the new york times or twitter has every right to decide what's on its platform. what sensorship is is when government comes in and saying this can be said and this can't be said. >> good point. i have to leave it right there. coming up wake up america on the clinton foundation money trial trail.
4:55 am
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. i want to say thanks to our "cashin' in" crew for joining us. you can if he had over to shib to see wayne and jonathan's hair stock picks. time to wake up america. while hillary clinton was representing america as our top diplomate the clinton foundation was receiving millions of foreign dollars. hillary and ba ba will tell you the two aren't related. according to my sources at the wall street journal secretary of state clinton arranged numerous
4:59 am
sweetheart deals with foreign entities on behalf of the u.s. corporations that in itself is not necessarily a bad thing but what happened next is. again according to the wall street journal many of these companies followed their clinton brokered deals with don't nations to the clinton foundation. mrs. clinton lobbied the algerian government for ge to build power plants. they donated heavily to the clinton foundation. boeing dropped 900 grand into the foundation after secure a $3.7 billion deal with russia again, thanks to the lobbying efforts of clinton. 60 companies that lobbied the state department during her tenure dough fated more than $26 million to the dlin clinton foundation. the clinton's nothing to see here act is offensive. they think the laws don't apply to them. they've always thought they're better than you and me and they never own up to anything. meanwhile others have gone to prison for much less.
5:00 am
wake up america this smells fish yu because it probably is. fishy yu because it probably is. because it probably is. joining us. have a fantastic weekend. good night from new york. neil: if jobs are soaring why is it so many americans are still just plain old bumming? maybe because jobs really aren't soaring and because the jobs numbers everyone looks at really aren't what we should be quoting? welcome everybody, i'm neil cavuto. folks we're being fooled. 295,000 jobs weren't really added to the economy last month. over the last few monthses, more than two million jobs were lost. now, i know what you're thinking, old cavuto, propeller head, is climbing back inside his black helicopter to share his latest sinister or government plot, but hear me out. i don't think anyone's plotting and i'm not here to say we're being lied to, just not fully informed. not deliberately. i want to stress, no one is


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